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Queen´s Day

Queen´s NightQueen´s Night (April 29th)

During the preceding 'koninginne- nacht' (Queen's Night) many bars and clubs throughout Amsterdam organize big parties. This tradition started in  the city of The Hague in the early nineties when pre-Koninginnedag riots were an increasing problem. The idea of convincing the rioters that a celebration was a much better way to spend the night proved so successful, that now the event draws tens of thousands of visitors every year.

The  festivities start before midnight (so technically on the 29th) and last throughout the night, though official rules state that pubs must close for an  hour or so before sunrise.

Especially for young people this is the night to be in Amsterdam. The streets are traditionally very busy as many people  move across the city from one party to another, while others prepare the next day market. So, just take a walk around downtown Amsterdam and  you’ll find plenty going on! All clubs and many pubs and Coffeeshops in Amsterdam organize parties on Queen’s Day. In many parts of the city,  improvised parties & block parties take place: Stages and speakers with loud music are put out on the street and people start dancing  spontaniously! It’s natural to join them,even if you don’t know anybody.

The boats full of people dancing circulate Amsterdam’s canals. Many have their own, amplified music and are in fact  sailing parties  by them selves. Every year there is a route set out for them to avoid complete chaos in the Amsterdam canals. Usually this  extraordinary cruise of party people ends on the Prinsengracht by the Westerkerk and Anne Frank Huis. There, ‘bumper to bumper’ the canal party will  ast and blast it’s music down the canals with boats coming and going, as the sun goes down and Queen’s Day night sets in. By this time, thestreets will be covered with a blanket of plastic cups, cans, random orange items of all sorts, handmade signs, leftover flea market goods, flyers and  decorations. The cities cleaning activities already start early morning, when  most of us are possibly still at a party or on our way home for a ood  night/ morning sleep.

Illuminated party by the lake

Illuminated party by the lake is the big Queen’s Night celebration on the west-side of Amsterdam. Free boat rides on the lake, acts, outdoor cinema and fireworks.

Location: Sloterplas/ Slotervaart (starts 29th at 6pm).



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