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Queen´s Day

Queen´s Day

April 30th

Queen's Day was first celebrated August 31st 1889. As it was the custom to celebrate Koninginnedag on the Queen's birthday, the   celebrations moved to April 30th after the coronation of the new Monarch, Queen Juliana, in 1948. On the day of her investiture, 30 April 1980,  Queen Beatrix stated that she wished to continue celebrating it on April 30th, as a mark of respect for her mother, Juliana.Not sure is whether the  soon to be King, Willem-Alexander will do the same. His birthday is officially on the 27th of April. The Queen The Queen's official birthday  (Koninginnedag) is a National Holiday. Each year the Queen and other members of the royal family visit festivities in a different place in the  Netherlands. The royal visits are always broadcasted live on the television.

Useful tips for Queen’s Day!

• As you are going to spend your day among the crowd, leave you valuables in your hotel.
• You are going to walk a lot. Comfortable shoes are essential.
• Make sure you have small change in your pockets, especially 1 and 2 Euro pieces.
• All the main food stores are open on the Queen’s Day.
•While on Queen’s Day you may smoke a joint and drink alcohol in the street, it is not allowed to carry more than five grams of Cannabis, and one alcohol drink with you (one bottle or can).
• Drinks on the street are usually €1,50 or € 2,-.
• There is NO public transport within the city center.

Foods & Drinks - City Rules

• You may, for yourself, have no more then a two alcohol beverages with you at any time. So watch out with those ‘six packs’!
• You are not allowed to sell alcoholic drinks or perishable foods (See foods) or to provide it free of charge. You are allowed to sell soft drinks in plastic (so not glass) bottles.
• Private people in the possession of more than two cans/plastic bottles or alcoholic drinks in other packing are considered to bemerchants and risk confiscation of their goods.
• The mixed drinks from glass bottles, such as "breezers", must be poured out in to plastic cups.



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