Liberation Day

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Liberation Day

Commemoration of all Dutch war victims (especially those in World War II).
Memorial Day

Remembrance of the Dead (Dutch: Dodenherdenking) is held annually on 4 May in the Netherlands. It commemorates all civilians and members of the armed forces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who have died in wars or peacekeeping missions since the outbreak of World War II.

Until 1961, the commemoration only related to the Dutch victims of World War II. Since 1961, the victims of other military conflicts and peacekeeping missions are remembered on 4 May as well.

Traditionally, the main ceremonies are observed in Amsterdam at the National Monument on Dam Square. This ceremony is usually attended by members of the cabinet and the royal family, military leaders, representatives of the resistance movement and other social groups. At 8:00 p.m., two minutes of silence are observed throughout the Netherlands. Public transport is stopped, as well as all other traffic.

Liberation Day (Dutch: Bevrijdingsdag) is celebrated each year on 5 May, to mark the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II.

Remember: Two minute silence at 8PM!


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Liberation Day

Liberation DayCinco de Mayo, the 5th of May, is Liberation Day in Holland. It marks the end of the German occupation over the Netherlands during World War II.  This is when the Dutch people celebrate their deliverance from the brutal Nazi regime with festivals and gatherings throughout the country.

Liberation Day is a vivid reminder of what it means to have your country taken away from you; and your government and public institutions used  against you, all to serve the purposes of the enemy. It’s a jubilant affirmation of the inalienable human right to freedom and liberty and  self-determination. And it keeps alive in the national consciousness the triumph of humanism and democracy over the cruel system of oppression and exploitation imposed and enforced by Adolf Hitler and his psychotic Nazi regime.

Liberation Day E-mail
Liberation Day

The Liberation Day Concert on the Amstel River, Classical music, broadcasted live on national television. Best view is from the  Magere Brug (the skinny bridge).
Liberation Day Concerts

In the Netherlands, Liberation Day (Dutch: Bevrijdingsdag) is celebrated each year on 5 May, to mark the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II.

There are several big concerts (for free) and many smaller festivities, through-out Amsterdam, to enjoy. The grand finale of the celebrations is the annual  Liberation Day Concert on the Amstel river. This widely enjoyed Promenade Concert is broadcasted live on national television.

Tip: Magere Brug (the skinny bridge) over the Amstel river offers the best view.


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