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Dutch Flowers

KeukenhofIn March, April and May all bulb fields near the coast of Holland are in full bloom. First the Narcissus, then the Hyacinths and Tulips. There are several walking, cycling and car routes throughout the area.

Nowhere else are the colours of spring as glorious as at the flower park ‘Keukenhof ’ in Lisse. Here you can find endless inspiration while you relax in the beautiful surroundings of the park. Keukenhof offers you the opportunity to see millions of bulbs in flower, fantastic flower shows and the largest sculpture park in the Netherlands.

Enjoy the spring!

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Founded: 1306 (City Rights)

Population: 747,290

Location: 52°22’23”N 4°53’32”E

Size: 219 km2 (84.6 sq mi)
- Land 166 km² (64.1 sq mi)
- Water: 53 km² (20.5 sq mi)

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Emergency Services - tel.: 112

Public Transport - tel.: 0900 9292

Lost & Found - tel.: 0900 8011

Schiphol Airport - tel.: 0900
7244 7465

For 24-hour emergency medical
and dental service, call the
Central Doctors Service
tel.: 020 - 5923434

Electricity: 220/240 volts, electrical
sockets have two round

Internet/ Mobile: Amsterdam
has about 70 internet ‘Hot
Spots’ and there are 5 major
Mobile Phone Network operators.

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25% of the Netherlands is below sea level. 75% of the world’s entire flower bulb production comes from the Netherlands. The Netherlands still has around a thousand original working windmills scattered throughout the country. The Dutch are in average the tallest people in Europe. 
Tobacco 16+
Voting: 18+
Driving: 18+

Drinking age 16+ (for beer or wine).
Hard Liquor: 18+ 
Pot smoking age 18+
Cannabis possession 18+
Max 5 g. p.p. (Hash or Weed)

Average Annual Precipitation:
32.1 inches/ 81 cm

Average January Temperature:
38 degrees F/ 3 degrees C

Average July Temperature:
62 degrees F/ 17 degrees C

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Distance to:

New York, NY, USA
5867 km/ 3646 mi

London, United Kingdom
355 km/ 221 mi

Sydney, Australia
16673 km/ 10362 mi

Mexico City, Mexico
9223 km/ 5732 mi

Buenos Aires, Argentina
11436 km/ 7108 mi

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January 1st - New Year's Day
April 30th - Queen's Day
May 4th - Commemoration Day
May 5th - Liberation Day
December 5th - Saint Nicholas
Dec. 25th - Christmas Day
Dec. 26th - 2nd Christmas Day

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