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Built by Oscar Carré, the Carré Theatre was initially used to house his family circus. Perched on the banks of the Amstel river, it is now one of the most celebrated theatres in Europe. The theatre has enjoyed hundreds and thousands of visitors and lovers of theatre through its years. After one hundred years of existence, the theatre has been distinguished “Royal” and is now the Royal Theatre Carré.

Even though the theatre has progressed from a circus Arena to a world renowned theatre, a main attraction is the annual Christmas Circus. While many renovations and alterations have been made, keeping the structural preservation of the theatre has been a number one priority. The theatre is lavish with its plush red velvet chairs and rich tones that adorn the elaborately decorated interior. The word “grandeur” comes to mind when describing the elegance and sophistication of the Royal Theatre Carré. Most of the productions and performances are in Dutch, but there are still a few exhibits which can entertain English speaking visitors. The Royal Theatre Carré is a must for travelers with even the slightest interest in theatre. For those not interested in theatre but in its extravagant architecture, there are guided tours every Saturday.

Location: Amstel 115-125




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