Winter Season 2017

As the cooler and shorter days begin in the city, Amsterdam prepares for a fun-packed season.
The City comes into its own in the winter months with a festive atmosphere, cosy pubs and plenty of events to enjoy.
Highlights include the Light Festival, plays and performances and many Christmas and New Years events and parties.

Cannabis City

Every week thousands come to the Netherlands to enjoy a society where cannabis is available to anyone over 18 years of age, and able to identify themselves. Many, coming by car from Belgium, France and Germany, head from the country’s border straight for the nearest town with a Coffeeshop. Starting 2012 this situation has changed, leaving Amsterdam the No.1 visiting city for Cannabis tourism in the world.

Hot & Upcoming In Amsterdam!
Amsterdam Light Festival E-mail

Festival of light - 2016-2017

Lightfestival Amsterdam2016/2017 marks the fifth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. As with previous editions, a whole host of Dutch and international artists will contribute to the festival, creating site-specific light sculptures around the Canal Ring, the River Amstel and other special locations.

Look out for dedicated canal cruises and a walking route taking in the selection of spectacular illuminated artworks.

Chinese New Year E-mail

February - The largest Chinatown of the Netherlands is located near the famed De Wallen red light district of Amsterdam. This Chinatown, located on Zeedijk, was formed in the 1980s and has expanded beyond the red light district. The street signs in this neighbourhood are in Dutch and in Chinese. Amsterdam Chinatown also has the first and biggest buddhist temple built in Chinese style. It is named "Fo Guang Shan He Hua tempel".

Amsterdam's Chinese community recreates an authentic Chinese New Year celebration every year on the Nieuwmarkt, the heart of Amsterdam Chinatown. The festivities, which fall on January 28 this year, feature a traditional lion's dance and spectacular fireworks; the Nieuwmarkt will be covered in stalls and street artists for revelers to enjoy. See you there!




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Dancing & Live Music

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Amsterdam Cannabis City

Amsterdam is famous for a couple of things. The most well known being, our 'Cannabis' coffeeshops, where anyone older than 18 and able to identify themselves can buy up to 5 grams of Marijuana or Hashish. View a list of all Coffeeshops Amsterdam